Its here its funally here! All the hard work and edication you have put into has finally came. The people you grew up around are leaving into the real world and your left behind all afraid and alone. Your worst fears of you being lonly and at the worlds mercy has became a reality. You will grow old and alone with no hope of having true love or anyone to comfort you in the time of need.


Prom is Great. jk

Prom, the day of the year where all the little girls get dolled up for the greatest night of their lives. They dance their butts off and they have the best night with their man. Some get scared about not being asked and some are to nervous. but tether the less it is the one time where there are no teachers to tell you to stop doing that or do this. Its the time where you have the free will to do whatever you want within reason. 

But the bad side of prom is the boos and the driving. so many boys and girls loos their lives to dunk driving and it is a tragedy and a waste of young lives. People get so exited to go and want to party till the night grows old. And that’s all find and dandy but do it within reason. not drinking a 24 pack and drive to another after prom. I feel like prom can easily change into something good into something bad. 

The day of tears

The day of tears, the day where you meet your sweet heart for a nice movie and dinner and have a nice night. But when your all alone with no one to talk to or share your secrets with, it really isn’t the best of times. some go out to eat and enjoy themselves and hang out with friends. But others sit alone and weep and cry about their life choices and who their true love is going to be. Well that isn’t me, I have a nice girlfriend and I am very exited about going out to eat and treating my girl to what she wants.

Today is the day that she is either happy or sad. You treat her to what she wants and hopefully she is in a good mood. But valentines day in my opinion is sort of fun but on the other hand I feel like it is just an excuse for people without a date to sit and complain about how they are so lonely. Its like shut up and go find a date. But other than that its awesome.

Firefighters fill truck with Christmas gifts for kids in DHS custody

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OKLAHOMA CITY – For more than a decade, Firefighters Local 157 have pitched in and used their own money to buy toys and other wish list items for hundreds of children in the care of the Oklahoma State Department of Human Services.

A huge garage was filled with toys, from bikes to Legos and games, all for more than 400 children in need this holiday season.

Aaron Fisher, a firefighter with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, said, “Here’s an Xbox game.”

According to Fisher, filling a truck with gifts for children in foster care is a highlight of dhs gifts1the year for many firefighters.

He said, “I think that’s why the vast majority of us got in this job, to help people and I think this is just an extension of that.”

Brett Hayes, a child welfare supervisor with DHS, said, “Man, we’re going to have some happy…

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Halloween costume.

Halloween costume.

When I was in probably the third grade my parents showed me the old batman movies with all the old casts and character’s and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Then the very next month my parents got me probably the best batman outfit I could possibly have. It had all the accessories, batarang utility belt with all the sprays and tools , it was the closest thing to heaven I have ever been. I never took that costume off, I slept in it wore it around in public to show all the ladies who’s the best superhero there is. The only time I took it off was to shower and that was about it. Soon after I got the costume I took it out to one of my first Halloweens as a child. My parents got me loaded up with my brother and we headed to liberty for my first Halloween. All my other friends had on other outfits like robots, Winny the Poo and other costumes but mine was the best. After all was done and all my candy was in piles ranging from chocolate to toothpaste I fell asleep to a nice full belly of candy. But the next morning couldn’t be so promising; I became sick and threw up all over. But guess what I still had my batman costume on.

Christmas Video

My favorite Christmas movies
Christmas, a time of cheer and happiness for all the little boys and girls. Only the best and coolest toys make it to show time, under the tree and ready to please the little children, but what happens to the toys that are not up to snuff? The runts or the misfits, what happens to them well I will tell you. On Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer the Island of Misfit Toys Is where they go. In this movie Santa’s elves make toys and whatever they make wrong goes to the island. I thought in my opinion this movie is extremely wrong but it’s a cartoon. But my favorite character in this whole movie is Charlie, Charlie in the box. He is a misfit jack in the box who is broken physically and mentally, it’s so sad but he can’t jump out of his box like normal jack in the boxes. His voice is all screechy and is so sad all he wants is to be is a normal jack in the box. The whole island in made up of tons of misunderstood toys like a gun that shoots jelly or a boat that sinks. This movie in my opinion is very sad and demoralizing for all the misfit toys. My second favorite Christmas movie is Elf, this movie stars one of my favorite actors, will Ferrell is one of the funniest people alive and is a perfect fit for this movie. Will stands 6’4 and acts like a 4’2 elf. Another reason why this is my favorite movie is because as well as being funny it also has a plot to it. The plot is that an orphan child is adopted by Santa and is on a quest to find his long lost father. The father isn’t willing to accept that this is his child but soon finds the true meaning of Christmas.



My Thanksgiving is one to say the least is one I will never forget. Every year I know I’m up for a challenge physically meaning my stomach and mentally meaning my will to control myself when my family comes over. My family is like any other family, there’s the uncle that cares about football and nothing more, there’s the cousins that love to shoot the crap with you about girls and my college and there is the outcasts of the family who keep quit and don’t say much. Every year I have to get my self prepared to have a wrestling match with my cousin to see if he still has “it”. Like always I beat him and then we all gather around and watch college football, which now is ironic cause all I ever wanted to do is play college football but, know I know that thing happen for a reason which is another reason why I will never forget this thanksgiving. This thanksgiving I had a lot to think about and I finally came to the decision to commit to Western Kentucky for track and field. I made this decision strictly our of what I believe I can do at the collegiate level, academically this college is the best bar none, Athletically all they do is win and I think I put myself in the best position to go after college. After committing I knew I did my best knowing that my parents don’t have to pay a dime for college and I’m my mind is the greatest gift I could give back to them. This thanksgiving like I said is one I will never ever forget. With all my friends and family around me I couldn’t ask for a better one.

Gorillas why kill such a thing

We share 98.4% of our DNA with gorillas but they still are being hunted as they are deer or any other animal. In the Democratic Republican of Congo gorillas and men alike are being killed for nothing more than land. Just around 800 gorilla are alive globally and 300 mountain gorillas live in the mountains of the Congo. The main reason the gorillas are being executed are because they are in the crossfire with the M23. The rebels kill the bigger gorillas and use it for meat which has become a delicacy in most of the Congo, and the younger ones used as pets. Black market rare animal sales is the second most leading illegal sales in the world behind drugs. Only a few brave soles in the sanctuary of war victims called Virunga national park is where the people of more than 200 have fought and died for the safety of theses animals. It is heart worming to see what people do for the animals but to loose these animals would be to lose part of ourselves.

Technology good or bad?

Technology good or bad

            Technology may seem to be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Everyone uses it everyone tweets, messages, blogs and vents on them. In the modern world technology is a must, to be successful you need technology to get through everyday life. In a sense they help you and makes life easier. But when those powers are abused that’s when technology can be the kiss of death. Whatever you post, tweet, message, blog is traced and although you erase them they never go away. One more serious issue occurred in Nodaway county Kansas where two girls 13 and 14 year old snuck out of their homes to be with a football player at a party and ended up getting drunk as skunk and was raped. The boys friend video taping the event and posted in on a social media.  Now some people believe that whenever a rape happens its always the mans fault but in this situation both are at fault. Both were drunk and under the influence and both were under age. Leaving me to believe that this was not necessarily a rape case but just two kids drunk an poor choices were made.

             Social media in my opinion is the only thing that is keeping this case alive, they have actual video footage and tweets about it. Like I said before both were at fault here but the boys instead of keeping on the down low posted the whole thing on a social media cite. I mean how stupid can someone be. First getting drunk and raping a girl then posting it like it’s an accomplishment.  But what is more upsetting nor the boy or girl is getting into trouble. For the boys the saying was boys will be boys and for the girl she’s going to college instead of prison.

             So In my opinion it is sick to see what society has come to. Where underage drinking is acceptable and rape is cool. If I had anything to say it would be to use social media right and to use if for your advantage not as evidence.